Advisor Growth Journey

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I have a clearly defined niche

I have a clearly articulated brand promise

I have a list of niche prospects identified

I can clearly and confidently answer, "What do you do?"

I have a clear revenue goal and sales plan to support it

I’m part of a community of likeminded peers pursuing the same thing

I have a clearly differentiating sales meeting

I end the meeting with a clear decision

I have a process to engage on the spot

I have a process to get at what matters to my client and why

I affirm my clients’ goals

I have a process to help my client achieve their goals

I have a client review strategy

I have a qualitative planning application to produce deliverables and implementation timetables

I have a strategy for engaging the entire family unit

I have a process to discover a client’s estate, legacy or multi-generationally priorities

I have a system for multi-generational families that I can demonstrate, deploy, and facilitate

I have a process to engage the next generation in client families

I have the necessary resources to help families in conflict or crisis get the help they need

I have a clear vision for the business I am building

I have an unwavering and repeatable process that makes us essential to the pursuit of client’s vision for the future

I am clear on the team, resources and technology required now and in the future

I have a process for continuously setting my next growth phase

I have a clearly defined and executed succession plan for my business and clients


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