The Planning Process is Important
The Planning Process is Important Here are a few things to consider
Here are a few things to consider

Your answers are suggesting that taking some time to amp up your planning process, especially when it comes to generating really powerful relationships as a part of that process, would be worth it and would support your growth.
Expanding your use of Qualitative planning skills to complement your Quantitative abilities would make good sense.


Here's a resource you may want to take a good look at:

Advice Giving

Complimentary Resource Video

Here's a video that will give you a few ideas around "advice-giving" from our Managing Partner, Todd Fithian. It'll prime the pump a bit around the value of advice and where it may fit for you

The other thing you should consider:

The Advisor Growth Network

Get Started With Online Learning

The other thing you should consider is accessing our Advisor Growth Network. In it, along with a stack of other useful things, is our LAUNCH course. LAUNCH digs into creating a truly relationship-altering experience with your clients through the Discovery process. All advisors address "goals," but this will let you take it to a whole new level.

Speak To An Expert

Keep in mind that our Network is a month-to-month resource. It's not expensive and you don't need to use it any longer than you need to, so it's a smart way to access the training. If you have questions, we're happy to have a chat with you about the best way to handle new opportunities that's clear, respectful, and effective.