A Powerful Vision Question

So when you're asking your client about their vision, if you have a client that's really into the discovery process and you think, want to take it a step further and do a really deep dive, there's a really powerful question you could ask them as it relates to their vision. Take a listen to this video to understand what it is in situations where you might want to use it.

Now, every now and then you'll find someone who loves this stuff. They totally want to go deep. They want to have the philosophical conversations. So there's two things to keep in mind. One is watch the clock. So this shouldn't take forever for you to do, and in higher wealth situations, that may take a little longer, but just be aware of the time. As a matter of fact, set some time constraints at the beginning of your meeting so that you don't have to, especially if you know it's going to be someone who's going to be talking a lot. But if you've got a client where you should be spending the time and they're into it, there is a question that will prompt tons from them.

It's the most powerful question I know when it comes to the future, and it's a bit of an unusual one. So follow me here for a second. The question is: in the future, how do you choose to suffer? And people go, "Suffer? I don't want to suffer. Are you kidding? Are you crazy? I don't want to suffer," but this is where you have to follow me for a second. No matter what you choose to do, there is some sort of suffering that goes with it. So if I want to be ripped and in great shape and look like a Greek god, then I will suffer by getting up early, hiring a trainer, eating the right foods, not going out for beers with my friends, getting lots of sleep, drinking lots of water. There's a lot I have to say "no" to. There's the suffering.

Now, the flip side is if I choose to be a total couch potato, then I'm going to suffer in a different way. I'm going to put on weight. I'm going to lose mobility. I'm going to lose cardiovascular. I'm going to probably get sick. I might die earlier. There's a whole list of things. If a person wants to be single, there's a suffering tied to it. If a person wants to be married, there's a suffering tied to it. If a person wants to be an entrepreneur, there's a suffering to it. If a person wants to be an employee, there's a suffering tied to it.

No matter what you choose, there is a suffering. So if you've got someone who's really into this stuff, ask them, "So, how do you choose to suffer in the future?" And they'll tell you, and it'll help you see things that they actually want. And it'll tell you what prices they're willing to pay for it in the future. Now, don't do this with everyone. The golden rule of this stuff is don't do a deep dive into a shallow pool. If you've got someone who is not into this stuff, don't push them too far. Just ask the questions. It may be very surface stuff, or you may have someone who really wants to go for it.