Planning Map

We have a project management tool that visually maps out any project you're working on, to help you manage moving pieces while driving implementation. Take a listen to this next lesson to hear more about the planning map.

With being a successful advisor comes with a lot of moving parts. You're completing tasks, you're implementing products, you're scheduling, you're rescheduling, and things can get missed. Also, with all that great work that you're doing every day, how does your client see it and appreciate it?

In Qualitate™, you can create a Planning Map where you can take all the goals, add tasks, and put date ranges around it, and put a status on every single item that you're working on, completed, deleted, in progress and rescheduled. What's great about that is that you can show your client the value every day or any point in time when you're meeting with them. What's also an exceptional thing about the Planning Map is that you can do an entire history. You can show things that you completed in the past, you can then show things in the future. Every time you're working with your client, at least once a year, you should present a concise Planning Map to show the value that you're providing.

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