There are six milestones in the Focus Stage. And when you handle these six, things start to change immediately, and we guarantee that you'll be focused and ready to drive forward. Here are the milestones.

First you'll have a clearly defined niche, or if it's too early to lock that in, you'll have a process to narrow it down and do some simple, but really smart testing to figure out your niche.

You'll have a clear brand promise. This won't be some sort of mystical MBA project about your brand. It'll be a clear statement of the promise of how it will be when people are with you.

You'll be able to clearly, confidently and relevantly answer, what do you do?

You'll have a list of niche prospects.

You'll have a clear revenue goal, sales plan to achieve it and the marketing plan to create the opportunities that will feed that goal.

And finally, you'll be part of a community of like-minded peers pursuing the same thing. So what's the end result of all this? You will be clear, you'll know who to pursue as clients, how to systematically find them, know what to say to them and will be driving it all toward production goals that matter to you. You'll also start being connected to hundreds of other advisors who are after the same thing and supportive to you and to each other.