So what if I don't have a niche at all, and it's too early in my business to sift for a niche? How do I pick one? Well, these are good questions and here's a few things you can do right away. First, whenever you test, test quickly. This is doesn't have to be a painful or drawn out process. Test, get some feedback and act on it. So a couple of things you can do immediately. First, who do you already like working with? If you had a business full of clients like that person, would you be enjoying the work and running a profitable business? If so, look more closely at who or what they are and what niche they might be a part of. Who do you think you'd like to work with? And who do you have the skills to work with already? Let's say it was dentists.

You know dentists, a sibling is a dentist and you could do work with dentists. Okay, great. Put together a list of 10 dentists nearby and get some help from that sibling of yours and reach out to them, just to chat. You can tell them what you're doing and that you're doing a little bit of research and trying to understand some of the pressures facing dentists and want to chat. Don't make it salesy, just sit down with them and ask a lot of questions about their business. The good parts, the hard parts, the concerns, the worries, and see if there's a connection.

If there is, follow it and see if you can transition to a business relationship with them. If there isn't or you realize you want nothing to do with dentists, then that's called successful research. Another kind of test you can run is to identify two or three or four potential groups of people you might want to work with and run a simple marketing campaign to each of those groups and see who responds best to you. It might be an email invite to a webinar or direct mail piece or a LinkedIn connection. Whatever it is, try doing the same thing with each member of those groups so you get a good comparison. And finally, remember that a niche is for marketing, not selling. Concentrate where you spend for your marketing, but you can sell to anyone where you can do good work for good exchange.