How do you figure out what your brand is? It's a good question. And there are really two ways to go about it. One is you hire a consultant, and we've done this hundreds of times, where we'll take you through a process to help you get clear on your brand. The second is that you can ask some questions of yourself, of your family, friends, clients, coworkers. So let's do that, because that's something you can do right now and something you can use immediately.

First, how do people currently describe you? And what is it that you say that creates that impression? Why do they do that? You have a brand, whether you know it or not. It might not be the brand you want, but you already have one. So your goal is to find out what your current brand is. So have a courageous conversation with a mix of people, your trusted inner circle, as well as other people whose opinion you respect. Explain what you're doing. And then here's what I want you to ask them. How would they describe you to someone else? And why do they have this impression of you? Next, ask yourself, what do I want to be known for? What do I want to shine the spotlight on? Start by brainstorming.

If you asked your top 10 clients, colleagues, mentors, favorite people how they would describe you, what would you be most excited to hear? What are the best qualities about you, that you're most proud of and that are completely authentic? Make a list. Now, let's zoom in. Of the things on your list, what parts of yourself do you want to shine the spotlight on? What do you want to bring people's attention to? Just because you have a unique talent at something does not mean that that's where you want to highlight things going forward. What qualities about yourself do you want to highlight? Are there any themes running through your list of qualities that you'd like to narrow in, and a few key qualities that should be highlighted? Narrow it down to two or three qualities you want to be known for.

What does this mean in practice, as well? Fine tune those key qualities. And for each one, define what you actually mean. Be specific. So for example, if you want to be known as professional, what exactly does that mean? It can mean different things to different people. You show up on time, you're always prepared, you know your stuff. What do you mean by this word? Maybe what you really mean by professional is you get the job done no matter what. Maybe that's what you mean. Pick a specific word or phrase that best captures what you mean, and then fine tune your words and phrases again, until you have that final set of three to five qualities that you can really stand behind.

Now, pull this together. Your brand is a promise. So when you look at the qualities that have shown up through the questions you've asked yourself and others, what's the promise? What are you going to be like? Here's a few examples of advisors' brands without their names. Now, when you hear these, don't say, "Oh, that's me," and steal it and run away with it. Also, don't say, "That's awful," or, "That's not a brand," because it just means it doesn't resonate with you and it doesn't represent you. So go through the process we talked about, so that it's actually you. If it's not, you're acting the part, and people will know. There's no question that their brains will detect some small gaps or misses along the way. You can't fake brand. Brand is how you are. It's how you show up, and you can't fake it.

So here's some examples. Mary's the advisor that quietly helps local business owners have the lifestyle, the business, and the future they want. Tom is the advisor who delivers excellence through disciplined planning. Sarah is the advisor who knows that the only way to move the boundaries is to do the right things, not the popular things. Darren is the financial advisor that cares too much not to say what needs to be said or do what needs to be done. Jen is the advisor that engages audaciously, so you can have the experience of your life. Now, these are just a few examples. They're not yours. You're going to find yours. And that's where we need you to head to next.

So your action task, you're going to complete the Brand Finder and then post your brand statement to the Legacy Advisor Growth Network Facebook group. We'll give you some useful feedback or a big pat on the back. Either way, get it clear so you can start using it.

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Brand Finder

Brand Finder