You did all this work to figure out your brand. Didn't you? If you didn't, seriously go back and complete it. The point of all this isn't for you to watch videos of us, it's to get you focused and moving and you have to do that part. If you did do it, nice job and keep going so you make the most of all of this.

So, how do you use your brand? Your brand is used like a filter. There are hundreds of marketing things you can do, maybe thousands, but how do you choose the right ones? Well, the answer lives in your niche and in your brand. If a marketing activity will access your niche, then the question is, is it consistent with my brand? For example, someone shows up with a discount on putting your face on a billboard. Would your niche see it? Maybe, it depends where it is. But let's say, yes. Then the question is, would it fit with your brand?

If your brand is that you're consigliere to wealthy families, the confidential source of guidance then a billboard may not be your best move. It doesn't fit your brand. And by the way, because your niche will see the billboard doesn't mean that's a good idea. How will they view it or consider it? I saw an ad for an advisor once on a dumpster. Clearly someone convinced them that, "There were everywhere and will be tons of exposure. And any exposure is good exposure."

And that's just not true. You need the right exposure to the right people in the right way. Marketing is ultimately to get the right people to move closer to you. That means it needs to be the right message and the right medium or channel each time. Then it needs to be done in a way that feels, sounds and looks like your brand, like your promise. If you're polished and formal, then you might want black and glossy for the look of things. If you're creative and engaging, then you then maybe marketing materials that are bright, have lots of white space, or maybe an energetic color palette would make more sense. Niche tells what channel to use. Brand tells you how to do it. If you can't do something in a way that fits with your brand, you shouldn't do it.