There are different brands that have power over your brand. The industry has a brand or a promise, good or bad. Designations you carry have a promise. If you have a broker-dealer, they have a brand and a promise. If you're an RIA or an independent firm, there's a promise there too, and ultimately, your personal brand is always at play. You need to stay aware of the potential impact of those other brands, what impact they may have on you and on your business. Some of those brands are very powerful, and some are not. Some have more impact at different times than others, and some of them, you have a responsibility to subordinate to.

If you have a broker-dealer or you're part of a dedicated channel, you have to respect indeed, you likely have a legal responsibility to respect the parent brand. That means that as you look at how you'll express your personal brand, there may be some outside forces to take into account. Always ensure you're meeting your obligations to existing brand agreements, so that you don't create confusion and don't violate any existing agreements. And finally, if your brand is a subordinate brand, take the time to understand how to use and how to leverage the parent brand. It can work for you, if you work it.