You have to have a list. You can travel from coffee shop to coffee shop, golf course to golf course, and meet people. But even if you're doing that for your marketing, you still want to be zeroing in on your niche, and you need to compile a list of names. You are in a profession where you get to choose your clients. You get to decide who you will work with and who you won't. This isn't retail, where you have to hope someone will walk in and buy something. You get to decide the kind of people you can best serve. Go find them, do something valuable for them, help them make four good decisions, and profit from the entire experience. That's cool, but you need a list to do it. When you have a list, you can be systematic about growing your business, not accidental or not hopeful. Systematic.

People buy from people that they know, like, and trust, when they're ready. You don't know when they'll be ready, but your niche should be people who, over time, come to know you, come to like you, and come to trust you. You want to stay in front of them because you can't control when they'll be ready. But when they are, you need to be there. Fancy marketing plans are great, if you have a list to apply them to. If you don't, it's tough. The purpose of getting clear on your niche at the beginning was so you know who to connect with, so it will drive growth in your business. Now we're getting out of the thinking mode and into the doing. You have a niche, and that means it's findable. You need to find that niche and have it in a list. Then you can grow with them.