Where do you find lists? There are many ways to build lists, but two ways we recommend that you do it to start with anyway. First, as you think about your niche, there are people you already know that are in that group. Now, I say that with the caveat that if you're still early in your career, this may not be the case, but generally, you know someone in that world. The people you know are a great way to connect with other people in the niche. You don't have to ask for a list of names, you just need to pay attention when you're meeting people. And when someone is in your niche, you get their info, save it in your CRM so you can build your list organically. The other way, and the faster way is to buy your list. Now, there are several very reputable sources that allow you to search through a phenomenal dataset, to get the exact group you're searching for.

If you're looking for the owners of construction companies in Seattle, that identify as female, that have been in business for more than 15 years, and have more than eight employees, you can get a list of them, with email addresses, phone numbers, websites, mailing addresses, and a whole lot more for a very low cost. It's staggering what's available. We're not going to list the names of services to use because they're changing all the time, being acquired, pivoting, rebranding, whatever, but we can talk about that directly with you if a quick search online isn't getting you some pretty obvious answers. The lists are out there. And usually, advisors who have trouble pulling a list together aren't actually having a problem with the list. They often don't have a well-defined niche and that makes pulling a list together extremely difficult.