What makes a good list?

Assuming that the list has the kind of information you want: names, emails, cell numbers, mailing addresses, titles and so on, the single criteria that makes a list good is currency. I don't mean monetary currency. I mean, it's current. A list that's up-to-date with accurate info is critical. Yes, advisers have marketed to dead people before because their list was out of date. It was worse when they called to arrange the meeting. So you want to have an accurate up-to-date list because you're going to work this list for the next few years. It's worth digging into it and doing some real confirmation of your own before you start spending a pile of time, money, energy and attention on it. The research will save you a bundle.

We recommend that once you purchase access to a list, you have a team member or someone, who can do this at a lower cost per hour than your production time is worth, start to search for each contact online and confirm as much info as possible. Also, they can augment that list with additional insights, interests, connections that they may find on social platforms. Doing some intelligence gathering before launching a marketing campaign can be massively beneficial. Spend the time.