This is the part where I get to sound like an economist. So, how many names do I need for my marketing? The economist answer is: it depends. And while there are a whole lot of variables involved, here's a reference point that I'd suggest that you think about or use going forward. 150 niche names. So, why 150 names? Well, it works like this. If you do three campaigns a year, winter, spring, and fall each with 50 names, it means that each year you're reaching out to each person a few times in a campaign and then letting them rest. Like we said earlier, people are not always ready for you. So, you want to keep coming back, but you also don't want to be a dog on a bone with them.

Also, 50 people, it's a number that's small enough to actually follow up. So, imagine you send a letter and then wanted to follow up. That's 50 phone calls, if they all answered. But it's more like 150 phone calls because it takes a few tries and voicemails until you get them or decide to give them some space. If you did all 150 at a time, it'd be more like 450 calls and it would never get done. So, 150 names is what you're searching for and will give you enough to work with without over-marketing people.