Things need plans. Plans don't always work out the way we expect, but the planning process has us confront reality, at least tip the scales in your favor a little bit. That's why plans matter, and it's why you need a production plan.

The goal is to figure out exactly how many people you need to have an Approach Talk™ with in order to hit the financial goals that you have for yourself and the business. It takes more than just picking a number, and there are more variables involved than you might think. Now, if you've been doing production plans in the past, you might also look at what we're suggesting here and say, "I had fewer numbers than I'd expect." Well, that's because this is a simple production plan. It's designed to make sure you have a target of some kind that's based on some facts and that will allow you to pursue it and allow you to use that as a benchmark going forward.

You can definitely make this more complicated than what we're going to present, but think of it at this point like picking a heading on a compass. Let's say you want to head 53 degrees and try to hold that specific heading, or you can know that you need to travel roughly northeast and you'll probably have a little bit more success to start with. Over time, you can refine this and fine tune it. But your next lesson will help you set in place a Production Plan.