What is marketing? Well, marketing is anything you do that helps get the right people to move closer to you. Anyone who describes it as any more sophisticated than that is not someone who's probably compensated based on their marketing. Do you have a lot of factors go into it? Absolutely. But at the end of the day, whatever you do that gets the right people moving closer to you, that's marketing. So what's the purpose of marketing? Well in the advisory firm, it has a singular purpose, one purpose only: generate niche leads. That's it. Not general awareness, not create positive sentiment in the community, not dozens of things. One thing, generate niche leads.

If it isn't doing that, your marketing is not working. Now, this is key. What does marketing not do? Marketing does not get you business. Meeting with people gets you business. Phoning gets you business. Asking for business, that gets you business. Marketing gets you access. It generates niche leads. That's why knowing your niche is so important and it's why we started with niche. Without it, you cannot build a meaningful marketing plan or the business that you want.

So what's the purpose of a marketing plan? Well, it's to provide the niche leads for your Production Plan. Your Production Plan was based on a certain number of Approach Talks™. If you have those with niche leads versus any other lead, which one's going to perform better? Well, your niche is. So these pieces all fit together. They all tie together. When we get the right people moving closer to you so that you have niche leads, so that you can have more successful Approach Talks™ and meet your production goals faster and easier, or allow you to increase those production goals without increasing the work.