There are two types of marketing to be aware of: active marketing and passive marketing, and you need both. And they have different jobs to do. Active marketing is marketing that's aimed directly at generating a niche lead. It always involves an ask of some kind. You're not always inviting people to a meeting, but you're asking them to raise their hand and say, "I'm interested in that." They might do that by subscribing to a list, taking your call, chatting in a social media platform, downloading something, reading something you wrote or sent them, but all of it is aimed at getting them to actively move closer to you. Active marketing should be the bulk of your marketing.

Passive marketing is information about you, your firm, your team, that's reference or confirmation, but not necessarily asking someone to take action. A website, for example, is passive most of the time. Not all the time, but most of the time. People typically come to your website because someone mentioned you and they want to find out if you're the real deal or not. They are looking to confirm that you're established, that you understand people like them, and that you have the team or resources to help them. It's passive. Now, websites can have active elements with downloadable content, opt-ins, live chat, and more, but in general, advisors are usually the light in that space. A LinkedIn company page is typically a passive method, a sign for your office or your building is passive. Participating in nonprofit organizations is typically passive. You're seen in a good light, but you're not busy asking for names. So as we look at your plan, keep in mind, you'll need both active and passive activities on the go.