Who do you market to? It's awful ending with a preposition like that. To whom shall you market? Now, we sound like Shakespeare. Either way, you need to know the audience that's going to receive your messages. While there is an argument for several audiences, including people who can refer you, partner organizations, influencers, industry people that you want on your side, ultimately, there's just one audience that matters. It's your niche. All your marketing should speak to the specific needs, wants, desires, problems, opportunities, unspoken dreams, concerns, and desired future state of your niche market. No one else, no one else.

What that means is that you market where your niche is. When you go fishing, you don't sit in the parking lot and wait for the fish to see your bait. There are no fish there. You go to where the fish are and then you offer the bait. Now, this is a bad analogy because we're not baiting anyone. You're trying to help your niche solve a meaningful problem or issue, and that should be desirable to them and they should move toward that. But for them to know you can do that, you need to go where they are and help them get the message that you can help. Don't market elsewhere.

Even if someone offers you special discounts and incredible incentives, it doesn't matter how good the deal is if the people you need to reach aren't there. Many publications, they sell based on exposure or the number of impressions that will result from a marketing ad, it doesn't matter if the audience isn't your audience. Only market to your niche. You can sell to anyone who's an inappropriate client, but you don't spend outside your niche. This will keep you focused. It'll drive growth and it'll help your niche reinforce your authority.