So how will I do this during or in the wake of a pandemic, where social distancing is either, on our minds, is the norm, or is the law? How do I do that? Well, here's a few ideas. First, direct mail, especially lumpy mail has never been as important as it is right now. With virtual contact being the norm, physical marketing assets are more important than ever. Send something to someone and then follow up with a call. Create some connection, show your empathy, your understanding, and these are the basis for advice in relationship.

Second is double down on webinars. People are on video platforms anyway, so you may as well make the most of it. Bring in an outside speaker that will have something your niche wants to know about, and then invite your niche. Follow up with everyone after the event and create connections that'll matter.

Third, virtual events. We have an advisor that recently did a remote wine tasting and wine tour for their niche. This was appropriate because their niche are wine drinkers. If yours isn't, don't do this. But if they are, they arranged a remote video tour of a winery, but in advance, they shipped a wine tasting kit to everyone so they could do a tasting with the sommelier. It was a wine tour, but remote and extremely well-received.

Finally, consider live session remote teaching. Run a virtual teaching session. And one that we've seen recently that went really, really well was a cooking class. All the ingredients were sent to niche participants, and then a chef taught the class while everyone participated from home, from their own kitchens. These blends of physical and digital atoms and bits, they're working well and can create scale to allow for even larger participation than might normally be possible. Most importantly, stay attuned to what people are experiencing and try to make it better, easier, more enjoyable. We crave connection, so be a good source of it for your niche.