Lesson 1 | Milestones (3:05 minutes)

As you go through the course, there are 11 milestones you’ll reach. When you handle these 11, things start to change immediately, and we guarantee that you'll be focused and ready to drive forward. Here are the milestones:

First, you'll understand the psychology behind charging a fee for planning. We’ll cover the top reasons advisors charge a fee and the top reasons why they don’t - and how to overcome the latter.

Second, you'll have a model to determine your planning fee. We’ve made it really simple for you to establish the fee you should charge and we’ll give you the framework to use

Third, you’ll be able to clearly and confidently answer, "What do you do?" This is often a challenge for financial advisors, and you’ve likely worked on elevator pitches throughout your career. We’ll give you a structure for how to create your Bridge Talk, a modernized approach for connecting with ideal prospects and includes things to avoid and attributes of a successful one.

Fourth, you'll have a clearly differentiated sales meeting. We'll take you through the framework for that meeting that will change the game and give you scripts and language that you can tune and make your own so it feels natural.

Fifth, you’ll have a method to end each of your meetings with a clear client decision. Both you and the client will be clear on how you're going to proceed.

Sixth, you'll have a process to engage on the spot. When someone says, “Yes,” you need to be ready to move into the appropriate next steps. And at the end of this, you'll have that nailed.

Seventh, you’ll be able to determine who the influencers are in your prospects and clients lives. We have a great tool that’s easy to use for that.

Eighth, you’ll have a process designed to get at What your clients really want and Why it’s important to them. We’re well known for our Discovery process and we have a lot of tools to share with you to help you enhance your process.

Ninth, you’ll have a process to affirm and validate your clients prioritized goals.

Tenth, you'll have a process to help your clients achieve their goals.

And lastly, you'll have confidence around handling fee objections.Historically advisors that go through our course and implement what they’ve learned don’t get many objections from clients. But in case you do, we want you to be prepared and feel confident in your responses, so we’ll show you how to tackle and reframe some objections.

What's the end result for all this? Here's what happens. Production goes up, cases move faster. There's higher client engagement. And most importantly, you're not seen as a commodity.