Lesson 1 | Milestones (1:27)

To make a different promise to your clients, one that's going to cut through the clutter and frankly, the promise that they want you to make, there are three milestones that you need to achieve. This stage is going to help you accomplish all three of those. So here are those milestones.

First you'll have a clearly differentiated sales meeting. We'll take you through the framework for that meeting. That'll change the game and give you scripts and language that you can tune and really make them your own so it feels natural.

Second, we're going to make sure that you have a method to end each of your meetings with a clear client decision. Both you and the client will be clear on how you're going to proceed so that you aren't dealing with so many, "Well, thanks." And "I'll think about it," type situations.

Third, you'll have a process to engage on the spot. When someone says, yes, you need to be ready to move into the appropriate next steps. And at the end of this, you'll have that nailed.

What's the end result for all this. Here's what happens. Production goes up, cases move faster. There's higher client engagement. And most importantly, you're not seen as a commodity.

Finally, here's a little action step for you. There will be a combination of learning and implementing as you go. So print off the workbook that you'll find in the downloads, so that you can work on it as we go along.

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Promise Stage Workbook

Promise Stage Workbook