Lesson 6 | Putting It All Together (2:16 minutes)

Okay. Let's put all the pieces together. You have a draft Bridge Talk™ that says here's who we help and here's the problem that we solve. When your niche market hears it they should resonate with it right away. They should say, "Hey, that's me and I have that problem. I've been thinking about that." And so they want to find out more, they're going to ask a little bit more. So let's follow the thread of this a little bit further, so you can see where it goes because the purpose of it is to get to decision one. It's not just to have a Bridge Talk™. We don't want to have a Bridge Talk™, we want to get them to decide to come and meet with you. So let's look at how that might flow here.

They ask, "So what do you do?" And we're going to say whatever your Bridge Talk™ is, but for this example, we'll keep rolling with, I have a firm in Boston that helps families retire on their terms. And if that's your niche market that you're in front of, they've got interest. They're going to say something like, "Well, what do you mean by that? Or how does that work?" Or something to that effect. This is where you want to have some clear answers put together in advance. In this moment, you have permission. What you'd say is something like, well, most people aren't clear on what retirement's going to look like and we help them answer key questions around it. You might go further and say, you've got to be able to answer, how are you going to pay for it? How are you going to use what you've saved properly? And how are you going to be able to protect things along the way.

Then offer a question. Like, so what are you doing to prepare? Or have you thought about how you're going to pay for retirement or what's it going to look like for you? How would you retire on your terms? Now you're in the conversation and that gives you space to invite them to a meeting. If they disengage and say, oh, I'm not worried about retirement at all, it's not my problem then. Okay, close it off and maintain your social connection. That's not the moment to try and close them on something. This is a first contact or an early contact in the relationship. You're just trying to have them cross the bridge from a social interaction to a business interaction.

If they're not going to good retreat back to social and keep the connection, you get to try again another time. But if they do engage, if they want to ask more questions, then make it simple for them, set up a time to talk it through so you can continue to enjoy the social interaction or the event that you're sharing right now. Mission accomplished, they agreed to meet.