Lesson 1 | Decision 2 – Agree to Engage (1:17 minutes)

This stage will cover the Approach Talk meeting. Once a prospect has agreed to meet with you, how do you have the best first meeting ever? It covers decision two of the four decision system. Remember, those four decisions are: Agree to Meet, Agree to Engage, Commit to Goals and Commit to Implement.

Decision two is Agree to Engage. The purpose is to get them to make the decision to work with you. The way you structure this meeting, what you say, will be the foundation for all your planning moving forward. It's the cornerstone conversation. It's going to shift the relationship, so stay focused in here. Let's roll up our sleeves, do the work. You'll need to practice, but don't practice until you get it right. Practice until you can't get it wrong. As with everything, the more you practice, the more it'll flow naturally, without having to think about it. Don't worry about messing up or getting it wrong. Clients haven't heard this before, and they won't know if you've missed something. We've provided you with all the scripts you'll need, but remember, make it your own, tune it to your style. If you need a sounding board along the way, let us know. Our advisor success team is here to help.

Good luck.