Lesson 3 | Structure of the Approach Talk Meeting (1:35)

How you set up relationships from the beginning is critical to your success, so the purpose of this section is to have a systematic way for how you can go about doing that. The steps below outline a dynamic Approach Talk meeting to help you get the client engagement. These steps are designed to provide you with thought and structure, but it's very important that you make this your own and use language that's right for you. Now, we use a simple structure, and the reason it's a simple structure is so that one, it's simple, and two, it's easy to keep it moving toward the destination of the meeting. Remember, we're at decision two of the four decision system, which is agree to engage. So the result of this meeting is an engagement decision by the prospect so that they become a client.

So, let's look at the structure. There are three things that need to happen. First, Present Talk; getting the client present. Two, Appreciate and Bridge Talk™. We want to ensure parity. You're there as equals. We also want to remind them who you help and what problems you solve. And three, Right Fit and Efficient Meeting Plan. The Right Fit is checking to see if you both qualify to work together. Are they the right kind of client for you, and are you the right kind of advisor for them? The structure of the Efficient Meeting Plan is you, me, and decisions. You - learn more about them and their situation. This is the prospect interview. Me - share a bit about yourself, your team, your process, and your approach. And three, Decisions - clear expectations on how you work together, where do we go from here, and what are the next steps?