Lesson 5 | Appreciate and Bridge Talk (1:29)

There are two key takeaways for this section, Appreciate and Bridge Talk™. So Appreciate, here the goal is to ensure parity, you do this by making sure that you're there as equals. If you say, "Thanks so much for making some time to meet with me." or, "I'm really happy you could fit me in." then you're setting yourself up as subservient to them, they're doing you a favor. But let's be clear, they have a problem or an opportunity, not you. You're the professional, not them. So you want to set yourself up as equals and doing that is quite simple. Simply tell them that you appreciate that you can all share some time together. That's all, share some time together. You're on equal footing. Then you would move over to the Bridge Talk™, and the purpose of using the Bridge Talk™ here is to remind them of what you do and who you help.

So you'd say, "As you know, I help these kinds of people solve these kinds of problems." So very simply it might sound like this: "I'm glad we could share some time together, Rob, and as you know, we help business families retire on their terms." This sets the tone for the rest of what's about to follow. So pop quiz action task. Can you write down your Bridge Talk™ that you developed in the focus stage? Can you do it right now without having to look it up? Take a shot at it. If you just did it, nice job. If you can't remember it or you have to look it up, no worries. Write it out. Make sure that you have this now because you're going to need it, and you're going to use it often.