Lesson 7 | Wealth Optimization System (4:24)

If you have a prospect where it's clear that the engagement is going to be a planning engagement, ™then you should introduce them to The Wealth Optimization System™. The Wealth Optimization System™ builds on The Planning Horizon by drawing a vertical line through The Planning Horizon horizontal line in order to create four quadrants. So there's four quadrants make up the Wealth Optimization System™. Quadrant number one. The discovery phase. Identify values, identify vision, identify goals. Quadrant two is the creative solutions phase. Think about the solution. Quadrant three is the strategy deployment phase. Implement the solution. And quadrant four is the results management phase, where you want to sustain the results

Now, the Wealth Optimization System™ begins by discovering what's important to the client, and it ends with a clear plan for moving them toward that vision. It also provides you with a clear planning process to manage ongoing planning cycles to achieve and maintain sustainable results. The Wealth Optimization System™ puts its primary attention on discovery so the client immediately experiences a difference from you. The attention will be on them, not on you, not on the products you might provide. Your attention is on them, and they will end up with more clarity than ever before.

By staying above the horizon and getting clarity around the client's vision and then goals, you can help them make wise choices about the solutions below the horizon. The client will know that you have their best interests in mind, and then you'll know that the client will carefully consider all the recommendations and act on them. Let's take a closer look at each of the four phases of the Wealth Optimization System™.

Quadrant one, The Discovery Phase. Identify values, vision and goals. The objective of the first quadrant is to identify what your client values, their vision for the future, and what they would like to see accomplished, and what current planning gaps they may have. What's important to them. What do they hope to achieve. Where are they today and where do they ultimately want to be. It ends by confirming the goals, and that will move them in a direction of that vision, while honoring what they value.

Quadrant two is The Creative Solutions Phase, where we think about the solution. Once you and the client are clear on what they want to achieve for the future and why it matters, along with clear goals that are important and that the client's ready to act on, then you can develop creative solutions. This quadrant focuses on creating a plan for the client that's going to move them toward their goals. This is where the planning of financial planning comes in. When you present a plan that addresses their goals and moves them toward their vision for the future, they'll have a decision to make as to whether or not to act on the plan.

When they decide to, you'll move on to the next phase, which is quadrant three, The Strategy Deployment Phase, where you implement the solution. The third quadrant is focused on implementation. The main goal is to implement the strategies, tactics, and tools that you've recommended to help them achieve their goals and move toward their vision, while honoring what they value.

And quadrant four is The Results Management Phase. Sustain the results. The objective of this phase is to manage the implemented strategies and sustain the results. After the plan is implemented, you'll come back to it regularly to stay in sync and determine what's working and what's not. This is also an ideal opportunity to learn if new things have been happening in their life, if their vision has evolved, have goals changed as a result, or have new goals presented themselves.

We often get asked, "Can I use a PowerPoint, by the way, or a printed graphic instead of drawing out the Wealth Optimization System™?" And here's the answer. It is extremely important to draw this out and create it with your client or prospect so that they can watch you demonstrate your expertise as you build it step by step. So by drawing it out, it becomes theirs, not just a glossy handout. With that said, we do recognize that there are times when you might be in front of a large group or meeting with someone virtually. So we do have them as PowerPoints with animations.

So here's your Action Task and it's a bold one. Pretend you're meeting with a prospect and present the Approach Talk. So Present Talk and Appreciate, and then Bridge Talk, Right fit and Efficient Meeting Plan. Include drawing out the Wealth Optimization System. Take a video of yourself going through it and submit it to us for feedback. If you submit it to us and you take the time to do that, we'll take the time to go through it and provide you some clear feedback.

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Wealth Optimization System™

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