Lesson 1 | Decision 3 – Commit to Goals (1:31 minutes)

This stage covers Decisions 3 and Decisions 4 of the four decision system. Remember, 1 and 2 were agree to meet, and agree to engage. Decision 3 is commit to goals, and so we're moving into a planning conversation with the client and we'll show you our unique, very turnkey process for true client discovery. You'll see exactly how you can do this, powerfully, to change the lives of your clients and drive amazing results for your business. After that will be Decision 4, which is committed to implement.

So, the whole purpose here is to help your clients commit to their goals and implement their solution, which are your recommendations. Ultimately, your clients have to take action. They have to make decisions to take action, to get the results that they're after, to make sure that they're on track for what they want to accomplish as they think about their ideal future.