Lesson 4 | Getting started with the Qualitate™ Application (2:19 minutes)

Hi, I'm Jen with The Legacy Companies, and I want to introduce you to our Qualitate™ Application. When you first log into the application, you're going to land on the Dashboard. The first thing that we want to do is click this green button, Add New Client. It's going to ask you for the Client Name and then the Discovery Meeting Date. That's the date that you sat down and did the discovery or fact-finding with the client. And then this field here, Co-Advisor. That's if you're working on a joint work case, or if there's another advisor on your team that's going to be helping out, you can add their name in here. Click Save. And it's going to tell you that it's been added.

Now you can see them show up in our client list here. Click Select. Then you can see on the left-hand side, all these tabs opened up. What we want to do now is add in some values for this client. Click on the Values tab, and you can click New Value. Right here, there's going to be a list of values. These are all the values that are part of the Values Cards exercise. If there's a value that they wanted that wasn't on the list, you can just start typing, and you can enter in anything here.

The definition pops up that's part of the Values Cards exercise. But again, if you want to edit or change that, you can. And then, where does this show up in their life. Hit Save. Then you can go ahead and do that a couple more times, depending on how many values there are.

Now, if we want to print this, we're going to go down to the bottom left, where it says Reports. If you select that, you'll see all the reports that are available. Values Profile is the third one down. We'll click View. And it's going to generate the report. You can see now you can click it to download. And this is the report that's going to print. It'll have all the values here, the definition, and then where it shows up in their life. That's how to enter in Values.