Course Completion (1:29 minutes)

Congratulations on completing the Deliver Stage. We hope that you got a lot out of this and enjoyed going through it as well. So now it's a matter of putting this into practice and implementing what you've learned. So as a reminder, a couple of things that we covered. We went over a process that's designed to get at what matters most to your client and why. We talked about values, vision, and goals, and how to get at each of those. And we have the Discovery Insight Workbook to document all those things in your client meetings. We went over a process to affirm your client's prioritized goals. That's through the Goal Affirmation Process. We covered a process to help your clients achieve their goals. That's what we talked about with the Goal Achievement Model, the client's goal, the Planning Gap and your recommendation to close that gap. You've seen and experienced Qualitate™, our qualitative planning application to produce deliverables for your client.

And we introduced a client review strategy. We covered a review process, timing, frequency meeting plan and introduction. So again, congratulations on completing this stage. The next stage is the Anchor Stage where you'll learn how to lock in clients for life. But as always, we want to make sure you're comfortable with what was covered in this stage and going through the discovery process before you move on to the next stage. So get this stuff nailed. Let us know if you have any questions along the way. And once you're confident, we'll see you in the Anchor Stage.