Lesson 2 | Goals Overview (1:59 minutes)

So, we've covered Values. We've covered Vision. Now let's talk about Goals. Most of the industry starts with goals and that's a mistake. Goals without context, without a vision to drive toward, are ill-formed and don't move people.

You need your clients to move and you need to help them move toward their vision. Once you have that vision, you can help them set goals as steps toward it. Goals aren't just things to do. They're breakthroughs, getting clear on your client's goals will help you make sure your clients break through to the vision you helped them articulate. They're critical.

One of the key reasons that clients don't implement is that they don't connect your solutions to their vision for the future. They can't join those dots. But when you understand their vision and then can identify goals that are key stepping stones to that future, your solution suddenly makes sense as the clear path to the life they want.

So when you help your clients identify goals that will take them to their vision you naturally develop deeper relationships. And that trust, that belief that you are working for their future, lets you implement more solutions. And frankly close more sales.

You'll understand what motivates them. You'll be able to help them clarify their top goals, identify resources that will help, obstacles that could hinder and motivate them to make confident decisions. When your clients realize that your strategy is perfectly aligned with their personal goals and leads to their vision, it becomes easier to take action, and to trust that your recommendations will actually get the job done for them.

Over the next few lessons, we're going to introduce you to our Goal Clarity framework to help you uncover your client's goals and discover what steps they need to take to get at what really matters to them, their vision for the future.