Lesson 3 | Goal Inventory (2:00 minutes)

The first thing we're going to do is take an inventory of the client's goals. You'll find a Goal Inventory Worksheet in the Discovery Insight Workbook. And there are some great questions listed at the top of the worksheet that you can use to get the conversation going. But keep in mind, you'll want to be looking at goals that are going to move them toward the vision they identified, their desired future state.

Now, you'll write down all the responses on the goal inventory worksheet so that they have them all in one place. Then we're going to help them identify and sequence their top three goals to put them in order. You'll look through the goals together and identify the goals that are either urgent or that will create the biggest movement forward toward their vision for the future. Most clients, especially family clients only have the capacity to work on about three goals in a 12 month period. It varies, but on average, about three in a 12 month period.

In a business, the owners can often only work on maybe one or two. Clearly these vary, but it's something to keep in mind when a client has a long list of goals, putting some priority on them is critical. To do that, we want to start off being very focused on what matters most to them. So we recommend prioritizing their top three goals. On the right side of the Goal Inventory Worksheet, you'll see a place to prioritize. That will complete the first part of the goal setting. So here's your Action Task: Review the sample questions in the workbook. Think about the questions you want to add or remove when you're discussing goals with a client. Next, write down a list of your own goals in the workbook, and then prioritize the top three. It will be good practice and help you get clear too.