Lesson 5 | Entering GISOR into the Qualitate™ Application (1:24 minutes)

To enter a client's goals into the Qualitate™ application, we're going to click "Goal Clarity/Goal Achievement" on the left-hand navigation. Click "New Goal". It's going to ask you for the goal name, a goal description, the importance, any supporting resources that will help to accomplish the goal, any obstacles that might get in the way of accomplishing the goal, and then how ready they are to take action. We'll get into the Goal Achievement section in the next lesson. You're going to hit "Save". It'll ask you if you want to create this as a template. If this is something that you're seeing come up a lot, you can hit "Yes" to create a new goal template. We'll hit "No" for today. Then you can add in a new goal by clicking this "New Goal" button again to add in any more goals that they have.