Lesson 6 | Affirmation Report (1:44 minutes)

After you've had your discovery meeting with the client, what do you do next? The information you learn about your client's values, their vision, and their goals, it needs to be entered into Qualitate™. The next step is to generate an Affirmation Report, which will be sent to the client for review. This Affirmation Report highlights the goals your client would like to accomplish and allows them to review and approve the information that you documented.

The purpose of the Affirmation Report is to ensure that the client is committed to the goals and that you got them right, that you captured it properly. To do that, they will affirm that you've outlined exactly what they want to accomplish by their signed approval before you go any further. This will ensure that not only what you heard was correct, but their goals haven't changed. And now that they've had some time to think that they haven't modified anything. We've all left meetings where we've thought, oh, I forgot to mention this, or why did I talk so much about that?

This process will give the client space to ensure and make sure that they are clear on how they want to proceed. We'll show you how to print the Affirmation Report in the next lesson. But once you have that, you'll send the Affirmation Report to your client, ideally within 48 hours of that discovery meeting, to be returned prior to your recommendations meeting.

Once your clients have returned the completed Affirmation Report, compare their responses to your original findings and input any changes into the Qualitate™ application. If necessary, you may need to have a phone conversation with the client to discuss any discrepancies that may need any further clarification.