So now that you've met with the client have gone through your Present Talk, Appreciate and Bridge Talk, Right Fit and Efficient Meeting Plan, if the prospect has clarity around it and immediate need, you can begin to provide solutions and they can engage you in a tactical engagement. If they do not have clarity, or there are several issues to address, you should engage them in a planning engagement.

Once the client agrees that they want to move forward and work with your firm, the final step in this meeting is to explain what the next meeting will look like and get a commitment from the client, by having them sign the engagement letter. This letter should include specific discussion points from your meeting, any documents you would like to receive ahead of time, any reports that might be generated from the meeting, the fee to engage your services, the plan for your next meeting together outlining, what they can expect, and most importantly, a space for a signature.

Asking them to sign will have a dramatic impact on the results from the engagement. This signature will serve to acknowledge their commitment and to keep them motivated in the process. You should also schedule your next meeting while they are focused and engaged and in that meeting.

So here's an action task for you. Review the tactical and planning engagement agreements and customize them to make them your own. Upload both of your engagement agreements into the course uploads when they're done.

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