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Welcome to IGNITE.


Hi there, I'm Chris Venn from Legacy and welcome to IGNITE.

We're excited you're here and I know everybody says, we're excited you are at our program. But we are excited because we spent 20 years working on some of the things that you'll find in this program and they work. They have a solid impact on advisor's businesses and frankly, on advisor's lives as well. So we're excited you're here.

Listen, in the industry right now, you've got two major problems you're facing on an ongoing basis.

The first is kind of the universal law of extraordinary visibility. Which says this: you are either extraordinary or you're invisible. You're either amazing and absolutely stand out in people's minds or you're not even on the radar, not even visible to them.

The other is that the whole notion of the quality of the relationships that you have, are gonna dictate the quality of the results that you have. And so when you think about a relationship, and I don't think there's many people who would argue with the fact that this business is all about relationship. However, if you think about that for a second, think about the number of people you know, that have a clear strategy, system, and training on relationship. Very few. We have tactics. We have little things we've picked up along the way, but really a systemized approach to relationship, very rare.

So if the business is all about relationship, and we don't really have solid training or history around how to create these powerful relationships, how do we be anything other than invisible?

How do we step up to extraordinary? That's why we were excited that you're here at the IGNITE Program. The other reason we're excited is this, is that of the number of people who buy online programs or different training programs about one percent actually take them. So you're here; you're one of the top one percent already. We're thrilled; let's get into it.

There's three things I want to cover before we actually get into the solid content.

The first is our approach, the second is the difference that we create in advisor's lives and businesses. The third is the kinds of results advisors see when they actually implement and execute some of the really simple things that we're gonna show you. So first let's talk about our approach. Our approach is three-fold, mindset, process, tools.

People get excited about tools, show me how to do this or give me a tool for this. But really a lot of this stuff comes from your mindset or your mental stance. Where are you coming from on something? Are you looking to close a deal or open a relationship? There's a real difference in how you approach something but also in how the person receives that. So first is mindset.

The second is process.

We're big fans of step-by-step, concrete process that you can follow, that you can replicate, that you can do over and over. That is learnable, and that your team can learn as well.

Then the third is tools. We want to make sure you have tools that make the work easier. So with mindset, process, and tools, really what we're talking about here is applied psychology. We want to make sure that you've got some of the most powerful pieces possible to help you drive your business, grow your business, serve your clients, create the kind of life that you want to create.

So the second thing I want to look at is the difference we create in advisor's lives and there's a handful of them. The first is we want to make sure that you're equipped to create the most powerful relationships possible. If the quality of the relationship dictates the quality of the results, you want to have powerful relationships so you can have powerful results, so that's the first.

The second is around trust, and it's around accelerating opportunities for trust. People love to talk about building trust. I'm gonna go build trust, or here's a system to build trust in 30 minutes guaranteed. Not possible, it doesn't work that way. It might happen sometimes, but you can't guarantee that. What you can do, is you can create great ground conditions for trust. We're gonna make sure that you have an approach to do that.

The third is clarity and confidence. We want to make sure that you and your wealth holders and your team have clarity and confidence. When people are clear, they become more confident. When people are more confident, they take action. Finally, we want to make sure that your whole team is aligned. It's one of the key differences, whether you have a dedicated team that you've hired, or you have some outsourced support that helps you from time to time. We want to make sure that everyone is aligned on how you're gonna do things. When advisors execute on the things that you're gonna learn in IGNITE, you're gonna see different results show up. While we can't guarantee it, we can certainly point to past things that have happened.

Here's some things that we see happen when advisors actually act on this. The first is production goes up. You'll see increased production. The second is you'll see better clients. By better, we don't mean better people. What we mean are clients that better fit your specific expertise and are just a great fit for you. You're gonna end up working with clients where it's like, I got another new client and I love them. I got another new client; they're right in my sweet spot, over, and over, so better clients.

The third is you tend to see larger cases move faster. So larger cases show up, larger opportunities show up and they move faster. We've probably all had the experience of great opportunity then ah, it bogs down. Well not with this, you're going to see momentum. The next thing you're gonna see higher client engagements. Your clients are gonna want to participate more and get involved in things and they're gonna be really switched on with what you're doing. On the heels of that, is multi-generational engagement as well.

You're gonna see the next generation tends to get more involved. Sometimes it goes the other way. Sometimes you're dealing with clients and you see their parents get involved, so the multi-generational connection tends to go up. The next is we tend to see higher client persistency. So you're not gonna see the kind of defection of clients you may have seen in the past.

The next one is decreased compliance risk. We tend to see the compliance profile gets a lot tighter, risk tends to go down because you've got a step-by-step process for how you're doing things. The last is you're no longer seen as a commodity. You're no longer like the thousands, and thousands of other advisors out there. You do move out of that invisible and into the extraordinary. So IGNITE is going to have you show up as absolutely extraordinary in the minds and lives of your prospects and your clients.

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